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Popular Types of Fence in Toronto

It is no secret that Toronto, for most part of the year, can face some harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. These take a toll on certain types of fences more than others, shortening their life span and damaging their appearance. In Toronto, therefore, some types of fences fare better than the others, making them more popular.

Where the weather is extreme, it is important to choose a fence that will stand up to conditions like strong winds, harsh rain and/heavy snow. When choosing a fence for a residential or commercial project in Toronto, people usually opt for a material that will not bow down to the harsh weather easily and will not get damaged.

Here is a list of the most popular types of fences in Toronto. These are preferred primarily because of their ability to withstand extreme weather, but there are other advantages too!

Vinyl or PVC Fence

A vinyl or PVC fence is widely popular in today’s times. Fences made from PVC combine durability, strength, security and style. In addition, these are virtually maintenance free and will last a long time without the requirement of any special treatment.

In a place like Toronto, vinyl fences are ideal due to the following reasons:

  • up-to 5 times stronger than wood
  • do not bow down to strong winds, harsh rain and snow
  • withstand harsh weather without requirement of paint touchups
  • do not crack or fade easily
  • resistant to moisture and humidity
  • do not rot and are bug resistant

Vinyl fences have stood the test of time and have proved to be safe, secure and low-maintenance. Vinyl / PVC fences are clean, durable and will last as long as you want them to last.

Aluminum Fence

In Toronto, where harsh weather is a concern, aluminum fences are one of the better choices as well. No matter what the weather has in store, fences made from aluminum will stay strong and secure. Durable and weather resistant, fences made from aluminum have been helping people in Toronto build safe boundaries for many years.

In harsh weather conditions, aluminum fences are ideal due to the following reasons:

  • minimal resistance to winds of almost any speed, expect in cases where there is a tornado or heavy wind storms
  • impervious to snow and cold and do not rust or corrode from chemicals that might be used to melt ice
  • do not fade or crack
  • cleaning is simple and does not require any special agents
  • do not peel or chip due to harsh weather

Not only are aluminum fences functionally apt, these also add to the aesthetic appeal of a property. You can choose an ornamental aluminum fence for your home and office. Rest assured, these fences will stay the way they are for a long time.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are economical, strong, durable and more-or-less maintenance free. They are a great option for building a property boundary or a pet fence.

Chain link fences are ideal due to the following reasons:

  • cheaper than most other materials but still durable and strong
  • highly resistant to intense winds (nicknamed hurricane or cyclone fencing)
  • cold weather and snow do not compromise their strength or durability
  • fences go through a chemical treatment process that enables them to self-heal if there is a danger of rust formation
  • easy to clean and very low-maintenance

In Toronto, chain link fence is easily among the top choice for people looking to build a boundary around their home or office. These fences combine quality, strength, durability, style and cost-effectiveness. Even in the harshest weather conditions, chink link fences stay strong.

Wrought Iron Fence

In a place like Toronto, it is always good to build a boundary with a fence material that ensures maximum strength. With this in mind, wrought iron is a very good option. Fences made from wrought iron are strong, secure, durable and score high on looks too. Wrought iron is known for being slightly more costly than some of the other types of fence materials. Wrought iron fences are usually custom made (not mass produced). Most people opt for other materials that offer the same advantages as wrought iron and are priced much less.

For those who can afford it, wrought iron is a very good material for fences. It is a good choice due to the following reasons:

  • requires very less maintenance
  • stands strong in face of harsh winds and/or lashing rains
  • extremely cold weather and snow do not affect the integrity of the fence
  • strength of a wrought iron fences makes it extremely difficult for someone to tamper with it
  • rust and corrosion resistant

Wrought iron fences usually come with matching gate structures, which add to the overall charm and appearance.

Wood Fence

Wood fences are quite popular all around the world, but in a place like Toronto, because of the harsh winter weather, a wood fence may not be the most practical option. The weather in Toronto can get very extreme in the winter season and this requires a lot of maintenance to be kept up with as well as a generally shorter lifespan of the fence material as well.

Fences made of wood will easily succumb to very harsh winds, continuous snow, extreme cold and constant and heavy rains. All in all, wood fences are not a viable option in Toronto and might be best to avoid as an option altogether.

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