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Wood Fence

Wood fences, quite popular in areas where weather conditions are more moderate, come in a wide variety of finishes and forms. Although they are popular in many places, wood fences do require lots of care and maintenance. When cared for properly, their life span can be anywhere from 10-15 years. However, without proper care and maintenance, wood fences will deteriorate quite quickly.

Wood fences are suitable when:

  • a boundary is needed to divide or demarcate a property or neighboring properties
  • a tight barrier is needed to keep people or animals from leaving and/or entering of a yard or area
  • the view of a residential or commercial property needs to obstructed from public view for privacy reasons
  • the owner is prepared and willing to keep up with maintenance, especially in areas with freezing weather, snow, and other harsh weather conditions

Fences made of wood serve many great purposes but do not hold up well against harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and flooding, snow and freezing weather, and/or strong winds. For areas where the weather is less than moderate, metal fences – either wrought iron or another metal like aluminum – or vinyl/PVC fences are a much more practical choice. Here in Toronto, we strongly encourage these types of fence materials over wood.

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